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Plastic Cutting Services

Fair, Transparent Pricing

€30 design hour

€60 cutting hour 

CNC router cutting is a machine controlled by a computer and used for cutting out designs, patterns and shapes. All plastic materials will come in flat sheets which is the most efficient way for a CNC machine to cut. Due to a low frequency of errors during the manufacturing process projects are delivered within the timescales.

Plastic comes in different types with varying densities and textures. Most common ones are Acrylic, Foamed PVC and Polyurethane which are highly moisture resistant and durable.

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Acrylic is more commonly known through brand names such as Plexiglas, Perspex and Makrolon. It can be clear and transparent resembling glass in texture. It is however not as heavy as glass and can be a better option in situations where weight is an issue. Acrylic has a reflective surface which is great for bouncing back the light.


Foamed PVC

Foamed PVC is a chemical mixture of the world’s most common plastic polymer (PVC) with polyurea known through brand names such as Fomex and Forex. It is easy to cut and shape and comes in various different colours. Depending on the density of the Foamed PVC it can be utilised for temporary or long term use and for both interior and exterior uses. The uses of Foamed PVC includes signage, exhibition stands, shop fittings, interior design and much more.

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Poylurethane is widely used in lots of various applications from interior design

to cars & aircraft. It is light & soft in texture & flexible to work with. 

Cutting this type of plastic on a CNC router will most likely be used in lettering, signage & installations.