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Furniture & Decor Services

Fair, Transparent Pricing

€30 design hour

€60 cutting hour 

We supply bespoke cabinet doors, radiator covers, wall panelling and other types of furniture. Send us your designs (or simply your dimensions) and let's get started.

Furniture & Decor

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Radiator Covers

Custom Furniture

Our machinery can be used for a virtually unlimited range of furniture, including

                     Radiator Cover

Stylish radiator covers are pretty much a one sheet job for the CNC router. Very easy to cut and we can achieve any design you wish. 

                       Wall Panelling

Much like radiator covers, wall panels are pretty straight forward to cut on the machine. We can do them in any style and finish. 

Wood milling machines (like ours) offer many opportunities for many industries, ranging from interior design to branding. CNC cutting can be used for decorating your home, creating skirting boards, patterns on cabinets and much more. Almost any type of design can be cut on a CNC router including modern and minimalist products. For example, decorating kids room with fun objects and ornamental panels in a way of bringing a unique and personal feel into your home! You can strengthen your brand by ordering CNC cut letters, engravings, signs and more. Due to the machine's accurate and precise method of cutting the turnaround time for creating batch products is quite short. By involving CNC services within our project you can easily estimate the production time. 

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