Design & Detail




CNC Cutting Services

Fair, Transparent Pricing

€30 design hour

€60 cutting hour 

We are CNC 2D & 3D Router specialists. We can router almost any material into any shape quickly and affordably. We can produce, supply and install!

Get a quote & let's start our project today. 

We can Design

Bring your product idea to us

and we will work with you

on a perfect drawing for

CNC routing.

Wood or Composite

From MDF to solid wood,

acrylic, Foamex and Dibond,

we cut anything that

comes in sheets.

Fast Delivery

 Our team can also

deliver and fit

your order.


We can cut and carve a large variety of plastics. From Acrylic to Foamed PVC (such as Foamex and Forex) to clear Perspex and Plexiglass. This service is ideal for signage and templates.


We are experts in cutting and finishing sheets of wood. Be it MDF or Plywood, Solid Wood or Veneer, we can cut it perfectly in the design you need.


We can produce 3d carve parts from woods,

plastics, foams & countless

other materials with sizes as large as

48" x 96"


Looking for decorative panels, screens, room dividers or feature walls? We can produce them in any shape and with any pattern (designed by you or by ourselves). Click to learn more.


We can make interior and exterior signs, dimensional letters and logos, engravings, front shop decorations and more.


We offer bespoke cabinet doors, radiator covers, wall panelling and other types of furniture. Send us your designs (or simply your dimensions) and let's get started.